Barney's Business Courses

Over 40 years of practical business experience and wisdom, put into action-oriented online courses to be learned


The Business Tune-Up

or 12 payments of $99

Barney's flagship business course where he teaches you everything you need to know in order to run your business. This course comes with one-on-one time with Barney through out the year of implementation. 



Startup Starter Kit
Part 1 - Launch

$199 $99

This course is for individuals who might still be working a part-time job or 



Startup Starter Kit
Part 2 - First Year of Business

COming SOon

This course is for those of you who have started a business and are striving to reach sustainability. You first year of business is typically your most vulnerable as a business owner - it's make or break time. Get the tools, knowledge, and support you need to build to make your business sustainable.