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We want you to know our motivation for creating this course. We know that small businesses are a powerful force for change and for making our world better. Small businesses employee over half of our nation’s workforce, and they bring us products, services, experiences, innovation, and inspiration that make our lives and our communities better. For their employees and their customers, small businesses add a lot of value, and that value is exponentially increased when a business is run well and able to grow. 

small businesses have the power to change the world.

Our mission is to support small businesses so that they will succeed and grow. Barney’s timeless wisdom and vast experience is something that we believe should be shared with this generation of entrepreneurs and go-getters, and so we’ve done our best capture it an put it together in a way that you can access and use to run your business better. We know that you are capable of building and running a great business, and Barney knows the steps you must take to get there. Now it's up to you to do the work.


Why do Small Businesses Fail?

Companies that Succeed after 3 years

Most Businesses People Feel


  • Lonely because they don’t have anyone to turn to for feedback and sound business advice 
  • Inexperienced when it comes to running a business and managing yourself or your employees 
  • Lacking in confidence in their ability to make solid business decisions that will take their business to the next level
  • Overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks and operations of running their business
  • Unsure what they should be working on next

Barney Cohen

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Who is Barney Cohen?

There are a lot of people out there claiming that they can help you grow your business. How many of them have actually run a successful business? How many of them started with nothing but a passion for their product and an entrepreneurial spirit, and ended up growing their business to a billion in revenue before taking it public? That’s Barney’s resume, and it wasn’t luck that got him there; it was following basic business principles and using straightforward processes and methods that he is now teaching to other business owners who are ready to grow their businesses.

Read more about Barney’s journey from the owner and only employee of a single record store to C.E.O. of a multi-national corporation with 3,000 employees.

“After I bought my dental practice, I quickly realized that I knew very little about how to run a business. I enrolled in The Business Tune-Up and was able to transform my business by working on critical areas for success. I found that by implementing the little things I was learning, big changes were happening that made my business better. I highly recommend The Business Tune-Up to others who want to get their business running smoothly and keep it moving in the right direction.”
— Matt Pavlovich, Pavlovich Dental West Seattle

Learn How to Run Your Business
from someone who knows
how to run a business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Increase sales, become a better manager, hire more employees, expand your products, open a new location, or just get more done in your day? This online course was created by a true business expert with a proven track record of success, and the material is designed specifically to help small businesses grow, and see real results.


What's in the Business Tune-Up?

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Course Outline

Part 1 - Tune Up Your Business

» Lesson 1 - What Makes a Great Business Great?
» Lesson 2 - Products & Customers
» Lesson 3 - Understanding Your Workflow
» Lesson 4 - Doing the Right First Thing First

Part 2 - Grow your Business

» Lesson 5 - Defining Your 3-Year Vision
» Lesson 6 - Building Your 3-Year Plan
» Lesson 7 - Implementing Your Plan

Your Business Toolkit

» Marketing 101
» Sales 101
» Management 101
» Finance & Accounting 101


» Organizing Your Time & Space
» Basic Business Definitions
» History of Business



Lessons come with downloadable worksheets, resource guides, and templates to help you immediately apply what you've just learned to your business. 


For a limited time, everyone who purchases the Business Tune-Up online will also be able to schedule 2 hours of consulting time with Barney to get feedback and ask specific questions.


All of the material in this course is broken down into simple step-by-step approaches that any business owner can easily follow and use to run their business better. 


Inside Every Lesson

  • Recommended readings for further study
  • Case studies from Barney's business experience
  • Downloadable worksheets you can use on your own or with your team
  • Templates of commonly used business resources (job descriptions, meeting agendas, elevator pitches, key marketing messages, etc.)
  • Tune-Up challenges to help you immediately apply the concepts to your business
  • Each lesson includes one thing you can start doing right now to immediately see results in your business

What's my investment?

Hiring A Business Consultant*

Part 1:
»  What Makes A Great Business Great: 2 hours
»  Products and Customers: 10 hours
»  Understanding Workflow: 2 hours
»  Doing the Right First Things First: 4 hours 

Part 2:
»  3-year Plan: 8 hours
»  3-Year Vision: 15 hours
»  Implementation and Assessment: 1 hour

Business Tool-Kit:
»  Management: 10 hours (5 employees)
»  Marketing: 10 hours
»  Sales: 8 hours
»  Finance and Accounting: 8 hours

Total: 78 hours at $200 (average price/hour of a business consultant)

= $15,600

*this is the time we estimate it would take a consultant to go through the material and deliverables in this course with you, based on Barney's consulting experience


Barney's Online Business Tune-Up

The Business Tune-Up
»  Lifetime access to the Business Tune-Up online content
»  6+ hours of recorded video lessons
»  Over 100 pages of downloadable worksheets, guides, and templates
»  3 Bonus videos with some of Barney's favorite content

One-on-one support
»  2 hours of one-on-one consulting support from Barney

Growing Community
»  Access to a growing online community of entrepreneurs

Everything in Part 1 of the Business Tune-Up is from Barney’s unique, personal business experience. You won’t find any other business consultants using this kind of material or giving you these kinds of tools. It’s the heart and soul of Barney’s ability to help small businesses succeed and grow. 

Total: $100 / mo x 12 months

= $1,200
(or a one-time payment of $1,000)


Our Better-Business Guarantee

If, after going through the course, completing the work, and using your 2 hours of consulting time with Barney, you don't believe that you have received the value that you paid for from this course, we will give you a full refund.  

We are confident offering this guarantee because we've never had someone do the work of this class and not get good outcomes for their business. 









Happy Customers

Who is this

  • Small business owners with 0-150 employees
  • Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Solo-preneurs
  • People looking to start a business
  • Anyone with an idea or an existing product to sell
  • Division managers of larger, corporate businesses
  • Directors, board chairpeople, or leaders of non-profits
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the basic principles of running and growing a business

Who is this
Not for?

  • CEO’s or executives of large corporations
    (it’s just a different ballgame at that level)
  • Anyone who doesn’t yet have an idea of what they want to sell
    (come back once you’ve gotten started and we can help you from there)
  • Non self-starters or anyone who needs a lot of external accountability
    (like any educational experience, you get out what you put into it)

"I now have the structure and clarity that I needed to move my business forward."

Christine Suter, Affirmation in Action

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How was the business tune-up created?

Once Barney retired from his career in the music industry, he realized that he wasn’t yet ready to step out of the business world. Instead of working on his golf game with his retired peers, he began consulting with small businesses. After a while, he noticed that across industries and sizes, many small businesses were facing similar challenges. Over the next several years, he explored those challenges and systemized his tried-and-true solutions to them so that he could more easily give them to his clients. After spending some time compiling all of this information into a teachable format, The Business Tune-Up was born. For the next 5 years, the class was taught exclusively in-person to small groups of business owners. However, their success was so great and the demand for this kind of business support was so high, that Barney decided it was time to put his material online so that it could be accessible to more people. With the help of two tech-savvy Millennials, The Business Tune-Up was carefully converted into an online experience that small business owners could access at their own pace and on their own timeline, with the heart of the content and the value of Barney’s 50 years of experience remaining intact.