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Barney Cohen


     A Love Affair with Music and Business

From a self-made entrepreneur with a day-dream to one billion in annual revenue. Read about Barney's journey and why his business course is the real deal. 


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Learn the 7 Steps that Barney used (and still uses) to grow a billion dollar business. 

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“Not many people who have run a successful business are willing to pass on what they’ve learned to the rest of us. But this guy, he took his business from a plan on the back of a napkin to a billion dollars in revenue, and he’s teaching you how he did it. You can’t get that kind of insight anywhere else.”
— Michael Smith, Owner of Collective-Seven Creative

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The Business Tune-Up

Barney's signature business class is now available online. This results-oriented class has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses owners, division managers, and non-profits to grow their organization using simple, step-by-step processes and practical, proven tools. Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, and get the expertise you need to see real results?