Not many people who have run a successful business are willing to pass on what they’ve learned to the rest of us. But this guy, he took his business from a plan on the back of a napkin to a billion dollars in revenue, and he’s teaching you how he did it. You can’t get that kind of insight anywhere else.
— Michael Smith, Collective Seven

Happy Clients


Life Coach

“As a professional life coach, I know how to empower people. But as an entrepreneur, I needed Barney to help me look at my strengths and weaknesses. The hands-on-exercises made every lesson transferable to my own business. I now have both a structure and clarity that has allowed me to develop a vision and strategic plan to move my business forward.”



I wanted to get my management team focused on the ‘big picture’ so they understood the challenges and opportunities that our industry is facing. Barney designed a one-day retreat that covered team building, general management and organization, as well as marketing and sales. Since the retreat, we have been using Barney on a regular basis. He has been a great resource that keeps us focused and shows us new ways to look at our business opportunities.

— Thomas Parenteau, Cascades Sonoco

Design + Development

"The Business Tune-Up class provided the structure I needed to make the changes required not only to support but also expand the growth that my business is experiencing. Barney's grounded approach showed me that I don't need to fix everything at once, but I need to choose an area for improvement and take it one step at a time. His teaching style focuses on always doing great work which includes validating what I'm already doing well."

—Jenny Mae,

Transportation Services

I took The Business Tune-Up class which gave me great insight into what it takes to run a successful business, especially the steps necessary for growth. Now instead of always reacting to problems and issues, I’m anticipating them. I’m in front of problems instead of them being in front of me.

—Ian Collins, Premier Transport


After I bought my dental practice I quickly realized that I knew very little about how to run a business. I enrolled in The Business Tune-Up and was able to transform my business by working on critical areas for success. I found that by implementing the little things I was learning, big changes were happening that made a positive difference. I highly recommend The Business Tune-Up class to others who want to get their business running smoothly and keep it moving in the right direction.

—Matthew Pavlovich, Pavlovich Dental West Seattle


“Barney helped me identify what I sell, what is unique about it, and what is the experience that the customer walks away with. This process was invaluable for me and it really helped me understand and distill my key messages.”

— Joshua, Fat Pencil Studios

Landscaping Construction

"I really liked all the materials and worksheets that Barney provides. The content was relevant and easy to understand and I had a clear picture of how I was going to implement it right away."

— John Kroetch, Signature Quality Landscaping Construction


“Barney provides an expertise and understanding of business issues that is second to none. His ability to get to the heart of the issue is uncanny. His constant encouragement makes me feel as though I can conquer any business problem.”

— Nancy, White Crane Acupuncture


“It’s amazing to me how difficult it can be to go through a vision process. Sometimes we get so bogged down in details it’s difficult to remember why we all work so hard in the first place. After completing Barney’s class, I knew exactly where I was going and what I was trying to accomplish.”

–Suzanne, Nexus Northwest


“This group has given me so many ideas and new ways of approaching business problems. It provides me with the creativity I need to look at new products as a way of increasing my profit margin.”

—Frank, Becker Trucking


“I’ve been running a business for 18 years or should I say it has been running me. Barney has showed me how a lack of both personal and company organization has been impeding my growth. He has been a tremendous help in showing me how to run my business instead of it running me.”

—Dan, Northwest Tours


"The business support group gives me a much needed chance to step back from my business to make sure we are going in the right direction. Working hard every day sometimes gets in the way of focusing on the big picture. This group helps me stay focused and address those issues that really make a difference.”

— Dr. Chris Hill New Balance Chiropractic

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Healing Coach

“With Barney’s guidance, I’ve learned how to organize my work day as well as my personal time. I can’t believe how much of a difference this makes in my ability to focus and feel less overwhelmed.”

— Cari, Healing Coach, Lewisburg, West Virginia


“This class gave me an opportunity to deconstruct my business down to the basics. I learned a tremendous amount that I use every day.”

Richard, Status Ceramics

Wholistic Healthcare

“Barney’s class reinforced that building a business is a process. I learned both the steps necessary to build a solid foundation and how to go about it with persistence and thoroughness.”

Dirk, Align Wellness

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I.T. Services

"Barney provided a nurturing and comfortable environment which greatly enhanced the learning experience."

— Rob Shiras, IT Headquarters