7 Steps To Create Your 3-Year Vision

The problem with having a vision is that for many people, a “vision” of what their business “could be” seems too uncertain and nebulous for them to really get their head around. The idea of creating a vision can be overwhelming, and it causes people to quit working on their vision before they even start.

And now let’s make job descriptions another BFF

Let’s include job descriptions as another BFF that you need to have. Once you know what needs to be done (using your to-do list), you have to figure out who is going to do it. Let me tell you a story that demonstrates the importance of creating and using job descriptions:

Turn Your "to-do" List into Your BFF

You know, Best Friend Forever.  That’s a term we used in junior high and high school.  He or she was the one person who would stick with you through thick and thin.  You could always count on him/her to be there for you. And that’s what I want you to do with your “to-do” list. 

How do I get a handle on my numbers?

Well the way to get from where you are today to where you want to be is by identifying the things you want to see - which numbers do you want to see - and take them one at a time. The important thing is to get started. So make a list, prioritize the list, and tackle them one at a time.

How should I reinvest my profits?

And the two places I can think of that will do the most good would be to put one part in your pocket, because you're doing this to make some money. And then the second thing is, how much should I put back into the business? And that depends on your goals.