You know that in order to sell, you have to market. What a lot of people miss is the very first step to effective marketing, and that is creating your key messages. Many business owners I meet think they have good key messages, but in reality they are unclear, jargon-filled, and uncompelling to the one person it really matter- their customer. 

I've helped a lot of businesses to create and clarify strong key messages, and the result is always more sales and better business. Now, for the first time, I'm offering the same workshop that I've been doing in person for 10 years to entrepreneurs and business owners in the form of a live webinar. 

During this webinar, I'll walk you through, step-by-step, forming your key messages and give you a process that you can continue to use to create additional key messages for different products. I'm limiting this to 12 participants so that I can answer questions and give feedback during the webinar. 

To be clear, you will not just get information- you will take action to create your key messages and get real feedback from me before this 90 minute webinar is over. 

Are you ready to create your key messages and run your business better? 

Do you want more sales? You need better marketing.

Wednesday may 9, 2018
3:00 PM Pacific Time

Limited to 12 participants only (Sold Out)

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What you Come Away With:

> 90 minutes of instruction and development of key messages from me

> Your own key messages for your business or one product

> A replicable process to refine and create new key messages in the future, including downloadable worksheets to guide you

> Live Q&A and feedback on your key messages (I'm limiting this to 12 people so that everyone gets lots of 1-on-1 engagement from me)

> My recommendations on the best ways to start incorporating your key messages into your marketing and increase sales 

> A recording of the entire webinar that you can keep and watch whenever, forever

> Connection with other small-business owners through a private group that you can use to get on-going support and feedback for your key messages and marketing efforts