Months 7-9

Marketing » Selling

Ok, now we're in months 7-9. Time to start productization.


Productizing your work


Put your products in a form that your customers want -

     flower shop Example, Cars Example,

    Leadership Coaching

  • Take Time off Product "Wanna Get Away" Coachin
  • Getting things done "Organization" Coach

Sell an outcome rather than just time

What does packaging mean

  • Time bound, price bound

Interview with Jill B.



Produce what you sell

This seems obvious, but don't overlook the production in your business. Remember a great business needs to do everything well.  If you don't produce things on time and in good quality (this goes for you too service industry people), then you won't get referals which will determine whether you succeed of fail in your first year of business. 

Strategy & Planning

"A plan is not a plan if it's just in your head." <- Make into nicely designed quote.

1 Year Vision

  • "Meeting new people."
  • For online - create content
  • For in person - show up!
  • Life blood of your business is sales » Sales come from Marketing
  • Sales don't magically happen
  1. Write down a marketing plan

  2. Relationships betwee

  • social media & website
  • How many people do you need to get in front of

1 Year Plan



Assess Sustainability

Have you hit it yet? Are you clear on what the revenue figure is?

Personal SWOT

Are you enjoying this? You need to build a business that you love. Take some time to do a personal SWOT Exercise to make sure you're still building a business and a life you want to be building. 



Months 4-6

Months 10-12