Months 4-6

You've made it this far. Keep it up!

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Ok, now we're in months 1-3. Time to really start moving. 

Finding Referral Partners

People that might be bumping into people that you could sell too
People that have a similar client base, but different products

Tangible Collateral 

Have you used up all of your business cards? Hopefully. Refine the wording and get some more

Create product one-pagers for your products or services. These single sheets of paper should contain the major benefits or your product or service, the cost, and a clear call-to-action.

If you're a business that sends out a lot of proposals, start make templates on what these look like. Try using Canva to help you out with design and the basic elements. 

If you are a product based business, can you create some samples that you can give out to people?


Social Media Plan

Learn what social media sites are relevant for your business

  • Build a page
  • Make sure people can contact you
  • Get 1 positive review


Product what you sell

This seems obvious, but don't overlook the production in your business. Remember a great business needs to do everything well.  If you don't produce things on time and in good quality (this goes for you too service industry people), then you won't get referals which will determine whether you succeed of fail in your first year of business. 

Strategy & Planning

"A plan is not a plan if it's just in your head." <- Make into nicely designed quote.

1 Year Plan

breaking apart each piece of your vision and making a plan for each and point to a not yet built planning product

1 Year Vision

This is going to be a very gentle look forward. Answer and record the following questions.

  • where would you like to be in a year?
  • how many customers would you like to have?
  • what would you like your day to look like?

Company-Wide To-Do List

difference between keeping everything in your head and putting it down in writing. This is also the first step necessary before you start hiring people. Get a big picture look at your business and the operations that go on in it. 


Assess Sustainability

Have you hit it yet? Are you clear on what the revenue figure is?


Create a Filing System

This is for your to-do list:

Digital Structure

Might be a good discussion between us and barney - V

Principals for digital and physical - Don't be afraid to throw stuff away, keep clean

  • Daily- fingertips
  • Weekly - arms reach
  • Monthly - stored near you
  • Annually - stored away from you

Months 1-3

Months 7-9