Months 10-12

Catch up month

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Create a Marketing Plan



Product what you sell

This seems obvious, but don't overlook the production in your business. Remember a great business needs to do everything well.  If you don't produce things on time and in good quality (this goes for you too service industry people), then you won't get referals which will determine whether you succeed of fail in your first year of business. 

Strategy & Planning

"A plan is not a plan if it's just in your head." <- Make into nicely designed quote.

1 Year Business Vision

Quick & Dirty - update

6 Month Operational Plan

Different for every company. What does this look like for you? Try to be as objective as possible. Where are you spending the most time? What will need to be reconfigured if your sales double or triple?

6 Month Marketing Plan

Remember marketing comes before sales. And sales is the name of the game right now. Ask yourself questions like: How are you going to meet people who you might sell to? In the first few months you'll sell to people you know, but you'll tap that out quickly, so what is your plan for getting in front of more people?

Here are some options:

  1. Referral programs
  2. Past Clients
  3. Presentations (in person, online)
  4. New Products

What is your six months sales plan? Would hiring a sales person help? If so, what obstacles would arise if you hired 10 sales people? If not, what can you systematize so you can hire your first sales person? (Hint: Your Key Messages)

Catch Up



Assess Sustainability

If you've hit sustainability - create a more long term vision and plan

If you haven't hit sustainability - go back through this course and figure out what to improving




Catch up on what hasn't been done.


Months 7-9